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I want to live There, in That Place

2014 November 13
by Kent

What if we could change our culture?

What if children were valued and wanted? Like they used to be. Then we could say, “Remember when people didn’t want children?” and roll our eyes and make a face, because it would sound so Crazy. It would sound like an Anachronism, like, “Remember when men wore suits and neck ties to a picnic?” Yeah, like That, the face you’re making now.

What if we didn’t have play-dates because we didn’t need them because Your kid and My kid and Their kid would just go outside and bump into one another? Why can’t we live in That Place?

What if we didn’t say, “I’m too Old” and instead say, “I’m still Alive”? What could we do then if we lived in That Place?

What if the Right Time was Right Now in That Place?

What if at Family gatherings we viewed stepping over Kids, Dogs, Toys and Lego sets as just the way you get from the living room to the kitchen? Couldn’t we live in That Place?

What if every Child who wasn’t wanted over There could live over Here because the People over Here are waiting for Her? I could live in That Place.

What if you didn’t need a place for your ‘home office’ and your ‘work out room’ with your clothes hanging on the equipment and that guest room No One Ever Sleeps in? Imagine what That Place would look like Then!

What if the phrase “we just don’t have any room” wasn’t used anymore? What if we said things like, “we’ll manage” and “we’ll have to get rid of some Stuff” and “we never used that Thing anyway” and “it’s going to be a Little Tight but we’ll just have to get Used to It”? That Place would be Here.

What if we missed our favorite TV shows so many times because of baseball games, dance, school concerts, band festivals and things that we no longer Missed Them? No matter Where you are you’d be in That Place.

What if people with a lot kids were Normal, and everyone else who didn’t have kids were Weird? That Place would be Here and There.

That Place could be everywhere. That Place would be better, and we’d wonder why we hadn’t been living There all along. Every now and then someone would bring up the Old Place and we’d all roll our eyes and make faces and wonder how people lived Back Then.

I think we can change our culture.

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