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Everyone Has At Least One of These Friends

2013 June 4
by Kent

“Hey! did you get foster kids yet?!?”

Carol (not her real name) yelled this question over the heads of fellow parishioners as we were leaving worship. I was heading out with my then foster daughter to Children’s Ministry where we both volunteer.

"Man with Megaphone 1" by Bartek Ambrozik

“Man with Megaphone 1” by Bartek Ambrozik

I looked back, waved, and quickly ushered my daughter into the crowd and out of the building.

I’ve read quite a few “Do’s and Don’t” lists on the Internet, like this one (which is excellent), but have yet to see this one, so I’ll add it now:
Don’t holler across a room when you see a friend with a teenage girl you’ve never seen before ask them if they’ve gotten foster children yet.


First, foster children aren’t things one picks up at the Kid Place. Second, foster children really don’t care for the designation foster children.

The next time I saw Carol I explained why I rushed off; that foster children don’t care for the designation; and finished with how happy we are that she lives with us and that we already think of her as our daughter. You have to do this with friends; especially the friend that is prone to speaking off the top of their head without thinking. We all have at least one of these.

Look at it as a teaching moment.

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