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“Open Sesame!” It Never Gets Old

2013 May 21

Adoption Day Jan 22 2013“Open Sesame!” I exclaimed, and the doors to Target obeyed my command, magically opening to let me, my wife, and our two (then) foster sons inside.

That’s a “Dad joke” that every father should indulge in. Little kids, particularly boys I think, think these things are funny, if not outright hilarious. It’s not until their teenage years that we may expect them to roll their eyes and sigh at the tiresome humor of the old man. (Which, incidentally, is a good case for continuing foster care: you don’t have the pressure of constantly developing new material).

It’s just funny; and it gets better.

I remember the first time Xavier, now our oldest son, purposely ran ahead of me to the door and, arms spread wide, gave the incantation: “Open Sesame!” timing his steps, the gesture and command just right so that the automatic doors parted at the exact right moment to allow us entre!

Max, ran to get to the inner door to imitate his older brother who was, in fact, imitating me!

And that’s the first sign that you are becoming a Dad with a capital D; that you are becoming a family. Your kids are picking up your phrases, mannerisms, and inside jokes that resurface time and time again.

I often come into the house, or a room or an elevator, from outside still wearing my sunglasses. Invariably, I make the comment: “It’s dark in here!”

Recently, Xavier has taken to coming downstairs in the morning wearing his sunglasses and commenting, you guessed it: “It’s dark in here!”

On a family trip, now with our daughter Savannah included, we visited a historic village in Kansas that had informational plaques with Braille to the left of the writing. I told my daughter I could read Braille and in response to her, “No, you can’t” I moved my fingers over the raised dots, careful not to obscure the printing, which I read aloud.

So it was not too surprising, yet fulfilling just the same, when Savannah told me while on a group college tour she told one of her fellow students she could read Braille and proceeded to run her fingers over the dots of a room number which was prominently displayed above them, and proclaimed: “403!”

“She thought I was hilarious!” Savannah reported.

So do I. That stuff never gets old.

Charles Caleb Colton is credited with the much used line: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

No, it never gets old.

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