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Road Tested

2012 August 29

A few weeks ago during his “Ultimate Issues Hour”, radio host Dennis Prager recommended that couples travel together before getting married (separate hotel rooms, of course). The idea being that travel can be both fun as well as stressful and you are stuck most of the time with the people you are travelling with.

If you can travel together you can live together.

“On the Way Home” by Juan Vasquez

So, what could be a better road test than packing two adults, one teenager, and two children with everyone’s stuff into a small SUV or other vehicle for a 900 mile drive? It helps too if your destination is your far flung family.

Hours on end on the road, sudden restroom breaks, and meal stops will let you know how much or how little you’ve jelled as a family. A successful trip will tell you whether or not you and your kids have developed a level of comfort with one another.

And trust. That elusive bonding solution reveals itself in at least their being themselves, their laughter, even their sleep.

I’m happy to report that the trip was a success and the family has now been officially road tested.

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