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My First Father’s Day

2012 June 18

“Come around the corner and see what I got for Father’s Day!”

Yesterday was my first Father’s Day. The boys picked out a toolkit for me and made cards, but that wasn’t what I wanted to show my friend Steve. Who brings a toolkit to church?

I wanted to show him my new daughter, “Samantha” (not her real name), who moved in with us last Wednesday. A really good advance present if you’re looking for any shopping ideas for next year.

"Necktie" by Jean Scheijen

Just turned sixteen, “Samantha” is the boys’ half sister and, except for the last three months or so, has lived with her brothers most of their lives. We got the phone call last Wednesday afternoon; there was really nothing to think about before saying “yes”.

Having the family back together this past week has given everyone a lift just when we need it. We began our week, as often will happen in any family, a little rocky but we finished well.

I received three handmade Father’s Day cards and, though I know I’m the not the “best” dad, or the “strongest”, or even the dad they are yearning for (see, I do know I have three really good reasons to be better every day.

Being asked to do that by children is a great gift for my first Father’s Day.

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