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Did You Remember to…..?

2012 May 18

“How can you forget to feed the dogs?”

Back when our life was a well oiled, organized venture where things happened predictably on time, Sunday mornings were quiet, and the only  variable in the mix was that a reading night could be called at any time, we were free to be vocally critical of our friends with children.

"Don't Forget" by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

How times have changed!

The first time I left the dogs out back, forgetting all about them, I remembered those days and felt guilty for my past criticism. Yes, we’ve forgotten to feed them, left water dishes empty, and abandoned them standing in the kitchen wondering why we walked out without giving them a treat.

It’s not just the dogs. Leaving keys in the front door is always an easy one when coming back in with two screaming kids an armful of purchases that just have to be sorted out right now; leaving baseball gloves behind and having to turn back when the ballpark is right there; laying things down and not being able to find them until they turn up a week or two later in the most unusual places.

No one ever told us that we would immediately lose half our brains when we got kids!

But the important things we remember: baseball games, school events, when each child’s wrap around person is coming, visits by CYF and so on.

We remember these things because they are important to us and important to the children living in our home.

And they’re listed on our erasable white board calendar hanging in the kitchen.

A bargain at any price, the kids like to take turns being in charge of updating it, with the favorite being erasing the month just ended. Placed in a conspicuous spot we can be assured of looking at it every day to check where we’re supposed to be or who’s coming over.

Of course, the dogs would like us to add their meals to calendar.

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