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2012 May 10

Okay, now I get it.

After years of working with children as a volunteer in Sunday school, clubs, after school, and so on, and having parents and grandparents come up and thank me… well now I get it.

"Light Bulb" by Graham Soult

I used to shrug those off as mere politeness at worst; their encouraging me at best. We need the latter because sometimes we, as volunteers, don’t think we’re getting anywhere with the kids and, frankly that we’re sometimes just glorified babysitters and that almost anyone else could step right in and do just as well.

But now that we have two of our own, at least for now, I understand that when some parent told me in the past I’m in their prayers, chances were pretty good that I really was. When they told me they were thankful I was there every week they really meant it. I know because now I really mean it.

At worship we sit behind Keith, a Sunday school teacher. He leaves right after to make it to Sunday school for our kids. I knew before we had the kids that he taught, but now I find myself looking for him and heartened when I see him.

Having been a Tuesday night Ranger for first grade boys’ club the last four years, I’ve received many gifts and thank you cards. I looked at these and just things people do.

Now that “Ethan” has Ranger John, Ranger Curt, and Ranger Matt; and “Josh” has Ranger Mike and Ranger Dave week in and week out, I know that a lot of prayers come from parents, many of those in gratitude for the time and dependability of these men.

I know because this is how we pray for the faithful volunteers who touch our boys’ lives.

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