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How We Got Here (Part 2)

2012 February 3


Like most of us I don’t like going through interviews, and I didn’t relish the idea of yet another career change. Especially after I had left a company to avoid a lay off, and now I was facing that again in the same year!

What I was most concerned about at that time was that we weren’t licensed as foster parents yet and that any disruption in my employment, being the primary breadwinner, would delay or impact that.

Maybe that’s what’s supposed to happen. Wait until you’re ready.

The first thing we did was ask people to pray for us.

I had gotten several interviews almost right away, which boosted my confidence. Last time I went through this it was months before I’d gotten anything. The day before Thanksgiving I had a marathon session with four people at a company I was very interested in.

Thanksgiving was spent with good friends, wonderful food and great conversation. Still working at my current job I had the next day off from work and was looking forward to some relaxation.

That night, getting ready for bed, I saw blood in my urine. I’d had the same symptom a month and a half before and, unwisely, ignored it. At the time, still uncertain about what was found in my mouth I just thought it was related and it wasn’t going to turn out well. Getting the good result from the biopsy I’d written it off as a fluke; perhaps something caused by the supplements I was taking.

Rather than my typical M.O. of putting these things off, I called my doctor right away and was given a prescription for a urine culture and a CT scan. I think he was hoping for kidney stones.

At the same time I scheduled our home visit, really the last step in the process, for mid-December.

You should really put that off until you get these tests done. Find out what’s going on.

I wanted to get this next health obstacle over with as soon as possible. We had the home visit coming up, I was facing unemployment in January. If I was going to be starting at a new job and having kids in the house I had to get this done.

So there I was at the hospital on a Friday. I could walk in and get the culture done but had to schedule the CT scan for the following Monday. I’d also had some prescriptions for routine blood work my doctor had given me during a recent regular check up; these I grabbed at the last minute and had those samples taken as well.

In the parking lot afterward I was sitting in my car on the cell phone with the recruiter who had set up the interview for me. On the back of one of the prescriptions I was writing out the details of salary, vacation time and health benefit costs.

I was being offered a job at the place I wanted. They just wanted to know when I could start.

If you’re still keeping score:

The Nelsons and Jesus – 2

Satan and his loser friends – 0


Photo: “Hockey 2” by Kriss Szkurlatowski

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  1. February 10, 2012

    Hi Michelle! 🙂

    As for the rest of the story tune in tomorrow for the conclusion!

    Jesus is Lord and He is good!


  2. February 10, 2012

    Jennifer and I love your comment.

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