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How We Got Here (Part 1)

2012 January 31


We were licensed on January 13, 2012. We’re now waiting for the call. In the meantime, over the next several postings, I would like to tell you about some things that happened along the way.


Our pastor, Rockwell Dillaman, has often pointed out that when we are doing something that is God driven we will know we’re on the right track because Satan will be there to attack us.

We hit a period in our journey last year when we became lax, put off or “didn’t get to” some paperwork that we assured ourselves we would. As long as we were parked alongside the road everything was fine.

We finished classes in July, leaving with a final packet of questionnaires. They sat for the month of August and into September.

Earlier in the year we had emptied rooms, painted, planned. But after the classes things stopped. Maybe we were exhausted, even overwhelmed. I’d started a new job in April and was in the midst of my first quarter close while attending a month of classes. Mentally I was on overload. Even writing this now I recognize the excuses I try to encourage others to avoid in this blog.

At the end August, after more years than I care to mention, I stopped smoking. I didn’t want to be smoking around children, since I was going to be such an important role model. That was a first step in a month of uneventfulness.

Well! That woke someone up.

The first thing that happened was our cars began breaking down. Both being in the shop three times a piece, racking up repair bills of several thousand dollars.

Can we really afford to do this and children?

My new job had “Popcorn Wednesday”, where employees would volunteer to operate a theatre popcorn maker and everyone else would come to the lunchroom and eat popcorn. I’m not a fan of popcorn but began participating  to be social.

Later in September, I got a piece of popcorn caught under a bridge in my mouth, which led to a dentist visit. My dentist saw something on the roof of my mouth that he didn’t like. In fact, he was alarmed enough to stick his entire hand in my mouth, feeling under my tongue, and then giving me a lecture on smoking before referring me to an oral surgeon for further evaluation.

Maybe we should wait and see how this turns out first?

Right around that time we received an e-mail from our agency urging us to get a move on with our paperwork. Since I wasn’t sleeping that night anyway, I started on it right away.

For a week, we turned the TV off and spent each evening answering the questionnaires we had put off up until then. Jennifer scheduled our fingerprinting and physicals, and I took off work when I needed to; not when it was convenient.

After trying a treatment to eliminate one diagnosis, the oral surgeon took a piece from the roof of my mouth for a biopsy. A few days later, I was given a “heads up” that the branch office of the company where I worked would be closing and I would be losing my job in a few months.

Maybe we should get this all straightened out before go into foster parenting?

The words in italics are the kinds of things Satan was whispering to Jennifer, and would have been whispering to me if I’d been paying any attention at all. That’s not a compliment to me; I was being the least spiritual and trusting. My prayers were all in the form of, “God I know you love Jennifer, well she needs me. Help me be okay and find a job.”

When these things happened I worked harder getting things done toward the goal of fostering and Jennifer prayed harder.

We had also had a lot of prayer warriors around us. This would be a constant and expanding group of people who are very bold in their requests to God.

I am not contending that Satan did anything to my mouth or engineered the laying off of 125 people so he could get to me; the jury is still out on the cars. I do contend that the principalities are alive and well in this world and don’t want anything good to happen; especially anything that advances God’s purpose.

The biopsy results came back negative toward the middle of November.

In case you’re keeping score:

The Nelsons and Jesus – 1

Satan and his demons – 0



Photo: “Hockey 1” by Kriss Szkurlatowski

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