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Room at the Inn (An Update)

2012 January 17


The last the touches have been done; T’s crossed I’s dotted; no swash left unbuckled.

We spent a week shopping for bedding for both rooms and curtains for the room with two twin beds. It’s hard to find colorful cheery bedding when you don’t know if you’re getting boys or girls, but we did it! The room is bright and inviting; it just feels good being in there.

The other room is the single. Our case worker, Christina, had the same reaction everyone else has upon seeing it: they’d all like to move in. We have small houses here in Pittsburgh and even though that is the smallest room everything fits so perfectly with some open space to spare. This was the room completely furnished by a co-worker of mine.

I mentioned our caseworker saw it. That’s because she was here the other day checking off the last few things we had left over to do, including the original pieces of paper we’d had to replace that finally came back.

Christina mentioned they’d just placed three siblings, managing to keep them in one place together. That doesn’t always happen. Brothers and sisters get split up, sometimes for a long period of time. Sometimes permanently.

A few years ago, before we accepted our call to fostering and were exploring adoption only, we saw a group of three sisters listed on an adoption website. A nine and ten year old, and their 16 year old sister. When I checked early last year the older sister who was still looking for a permanent home, preferably near her two siblings who had been adopted.

That’s not going to happen at our house. We have room.

Glory to God.


Photo: “Vacancy” by KD Kelly

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