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Taking the Measure of Things

2011 December 26

masking tape

So, you have a room where you know you can accommodate two children. Your willingness to think in multiples could keep a pair of brothers or sisters together.

The question is: To bunk bed or not to bunk bed? Is it a far better thing to twin or trundle?

How will it – whatever it is – fit in the room?

Sure, you can do a computer simulation and that would tell you if the beds and dressers and everything else will fit it in the room. But it won’t tell you if they will really fit the room.

So here’s the low tech approach we took.

Carefully measure the dimensions of the beds and other furnishings you are considering.

Trace those dimensions on the floor in the room.

Now leave it for a week.

Visit the room a couple times a day. Walk between the lines. Can you move around here well enough to tuck someone in for the night? Can you see a child move about this room okay?

If you’re getting the feeling it doesn’t work, don’t fret about, try something else. Look at bunk beds.

Remember the adage: Measure twice, purchase once.


Photo: “Masking Tape 1” by Anthony Tech

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