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How to Write Your Autobiography, Part 2

2011 December 14


Last time I laid out what you would likely be asked to include in your autobiography. Now that you’ve had time to think about it we’re going to write it!

Just follow these steps and you’ll have this done in no time.

On your computer type out the points you need to cover and we’ll add a wrap up; notice I rephrased them to “me” and “I” sentences. Leave some space between the lines, and highlight them in your favorite color like this:

My background and family

Significant event in my life

Why do I want to do fostering parenting?

How does this fit into my life?

Describe my spiritual life

Wrap up

Now that you have your framework, begin filling in the blanks. And here’s the thing: you can begin anywhere! If you’ve been having an internal dialogue today about why you want to do foster parenting, get those thoughts on the screen first.

So turn off the television tonight and get this baby done!

If you find yourself wondering, look back at the highlighted topic and re-focus.

Here’s how mine, in truncated form noted by ellipses, turned out.

My background and family

I was born in Illinois, the youngest of four children…. After high school, I continued to make poor decisions… Yada, yada, yada… then I met Jennifer and we were married. I earned a college degree …. We never had children of our own but often borrowed other people’s kids…

Significant event in my life

Losing my oldest brother to alcoholism…

Why do I want to do fostering parenting?

Children have been on our heart for a long time. As we’ve worked with kids through church in Sunday school, an After School program, and Kids Club, as well as through a Christian school… we’ve always thought we could do more if we had them longer…

We came to the understanding that we were strong enough to deal with children living in our home and then leaving, knowing that there would always be other children after them who needed a safe place to stay with adults who could give them structure…

I also really like kids, and they can tell I like them. I find them interesting. I cannot imagine, nor will I ever pretend to, what it is like to taken from one’s home as a child.

How does this fit into my life?

Our lives are definitely going to change. I’m going to be exchanging reading grown up novels to reading kids’ books; my quiet evenings to play and homework; my weekends to (hopefully) sports and other activities; and we’re going to be getting a lot more creative in the kitchen… Jennifer and I have a nice life together but what we are missing are children… I have no illusions: these are not perfect kids (though I don’t know any) and they will be dealing with things we will probably be not very good at dealing with ourselves, but we’ll learn and grow together… I think my prayer life will be enriched beyond measure.

Describe my spiritual life

I was saved in February 1999… My prayer life, like most of us, is not always what I think it should be but I’ve had many experiences of God answering prayer in unmistakable ways. Worship, study, giving and volunteer service have all been integral parts of my faith journey and I continue to teach these to the children I encounter.

Wrap up

I think my experiences growing up, my experiences with children, my faith in God, and my relationship with my wife will help me in becoming the best foster parent I can be. Though I’m not perfect I quick study and have pretty good instincts, and I know when I need help. Most of all I have a love and concern for kids in crisis.

Okay, now you’ve written your autobiography. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But wasn’t it easier with the topics highlighted in front of you, keeping you focused?

We still have one more step. You might have even guessed it.

Go back over your document and delete the headings.

You are done! Check mark!

Photo: “Working with Computer” by Vangelis Thomaidis

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